Tenerife Weekly News Improves Online Distribution

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Tuesday, October 18, 2022 at 1:56pm UTC

All the latest local Tenerife news can now be accessed on the Tenerife Weekly site without having to trawl through individual local Spanish language sites and translate them into English if you don’t speak Spanish.

It can be frustrating when huge amounts of local news goes unnoticed due to the language barrier, so the people at Tenerife Weekly decided to make sure that all the popular local Spanish sites can be found in one place.

The platform is updated every few hours whenever new items are published so that you get fresh news at your fingertips.

With so much going on in these times, we all need to get the best and the very latest info out of news sources and putting everything in one place meets that objective very well.

There is only so much that the regular English language papers can offer their readers so Tenerife Weekly has taken it to the next level by combining all the popular local news sources for readers to make the most out the information.

The site has only just been rolled out but there are plans to add many features to it as time goes on as the readership continues to grow.

With its clean and modern design, the site is easy to navigate and very user friendly.

News items are automatically published on Facebook and Twitter to keep our readers on social media happy.

Official government sites will also be incorporated soon so that any important announcements can be accessed instantly the moment they are made public by the authorities.

I’m told there are several features planned for the site and will greatly enhance the experience of the readers.

When asked about the idea behind this Tenerife news site and what prompted it, the team said that it was all about adding value to the Tenerife family and community and that some of their ideas are entrenched in the core values of helping others and promoting the island at the same time.

Tenerife Weekly is just one of several platforms owned and maintained by the core team who have plans to expand much more in other areas of the market on the island.

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